Desiccants are most effective when used within a sealed moisture barrier package or in a rigid sealed moisture package.”Wet Gone” A product of Ahmad Packages is engaged in providing industrial solutions for moisture related problems while transiting high value and quality material by cargo/container in the ocean. During transit due to high humidity and temperature differences between day and night moisture will condense and convert into water droplets because container rain and it will damage valuable goods. Hence to avoid this situation and minimize excess moisture in the container these calcium Desiccant bags work well and give satisfactory results.

The absorption capacity of the “Wet Gone” container desiccants is 8 to 10 times more than silica gel and we offer the desiccant in form of Container desiccant bags, container desiccant strips, Container desiccant packets.

4 Cross Corner Circular Bag

Baffled Bag

4 Cross Corner Baffled Bag

Double Loop Bag

4 Cross Corner Baffled Color Bag

4 Cross Corner Circular Bag